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Newborn Photography- Why is it so expensive? | Buttons & Bows Photography | Ipswich newborn Photographer

A question I find myself answering when parents enquire about a newborn photography session is why is it soooooo expensive? I can’t possibly spend that much!

As a specialised newborn photographer I am often tagged and recommended in mum groups, and Facebook Posts that are looking for a newborn photographer. I get excited when I read those first words , thinking about how I can help bring this family an amazing experience and images of their precious baby that will last a lifetime. I then keep reading only to see those dreaded words that no photographer wants to see, ‘someone who doesn’t cost an arm and a leg’ or ‘recommendations for a great photographer who won’t break the bank’. My heart instantly sinks as I respond with my information, but in the back of my mind I know I’ll either be ghosted after I share my packages or they just won’t look past my pricing page. Its not that I’m ridiculously over priced, my pricing is actually on the low end of award winning, educated, and specialised newborn and maternity photographers. So why is it that people think newborn photography is too expensive? I think its time to shed a little light on why newborn photographers charge what they do, why its soo expensive and what to look for when choosing your Newborn Photographer.

Please follow along as I breakdown the reasons why you should find yourself an expensive Newborn Photographer. One day when your precious babe is all grown up you might just think back and thank me for sharing this.