Who will be attending this session? If this session is in-studio, I recommend no more than two adults attending for the Cake Smash and Birthday Child's solo portraits. Additional family members may attend before of after Baby’s solo sitting.

What time of the day is he/she at their best?

Please be as honest as possible, and selection the option that best describes your baby’s current stage of development

Please tell me anything about your baby that you feel may help me with planning and preparing my studio.

The theme is often determined by the baby’s birthday party theme. Please be as detailed as possible so I can accurately match your vision. Please also include anything you do not like, colours specific decor, etc.

I provide all decor, a custom cake and an outfit for your baby’s Cake Smash

Please share any comments, goals, or questions that you may have.

How are you planning to display the artwork we create together?