Is there a special story behind your baby's name? How did you choose it?

Has your baby been through any post-natal surgery or care? Please give details as this information can play a vital role in planning your session

Please list the names, gender, age (age required for children only) of all subjects that will be included in the photography session.

We use many natural fibres including but not limited to wool, burlap & fresh/dried flowers during our newborn sessions, please note down any known allergies.

Please tell me of any certain colour/colour scheme that you would like included in your session.

PLEASE NOTE: I provide all props, outfits, and headbands. If you would like to include something special like a blanket or a stuffed animal please include it above. Also, are there any props that you really like or don't like?

Please share and poses that you would really like/ not like captured during your newborns session. this is a great time to let me know if you would like me to re-create a pose from an older siblings newborn session.

Organic/Natural/Minimalist/Bright/Colourful/Fun/Other If you selected other for style please explain.

Tell me a little about yourself. I love getting to know my clients so please feel free to tell me anything about yourself, your family, birthing story etc. Anything that will help me get to know you better.

Please share any comments, goals for the session, or questions that you may have.

How are you planning to display the artwork we create together?