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One the most important factors in determining the price of having your precious baby photographed is SAFETY. You've just created the most precious being in your whole world, you want them to be safe in the hands of whomever is photographing them.

Not only have I taken multiple courses on how to safely pose and photograph your baby, I've got my blue card which means I’ve been screened by Queensland working with children check and I’ve also make sure my Senior First Aid and CPR courses which are designed specifically for working with newborns and children are always up to date. Theses courses are constantly changing and as a newborn photographer I believe it’s my responsibility to provided you and your family with the assurance of regulated training and safety checks.

It takes money and education to know how to do the things I do. Newborn safety is number one in any professional newborn photographers mind, it is extremely important. All to often you see new people jumping in to offer newborn photography services with low prices and low quality images that show a lack in knowledge on how to safely pose and handle a newborn. I understand that everyone has to start somewhere but in an industry where we as photographers are working with your most precious possessions it is paramount to invest in proper training for safety.

Many clients bring me Pinterest screenshots which they ask me to recreate and most of the time I’m happy to create something similar. But what these Pinterest screenshots don’t show is the ‘behind the scenes footage’ it could be a baby laying in a suspended swing or on top of a guitar or in a glass heart. A baby should never be in the air or hanging swing, neither should they be on a unsupported surface and I would never pose a newborn in any form of glass.

But these images are out there, and so you may ask how. how are these photographer able to create such images? The answer is simple- Composites. An experienced newborn photographer will photograph these images as composites and stitch/layer several images together to create one beautiful image.

An inexperienced photographer will try and re-stage exactly what they can see in the image, which could possibly be putting your baby at risk of harm or injury.

There are many horror stories out there of serious injuries to babies because they were mishandled by someone who didn't know what they were doing.

All I ask is, please do your research and ask questions before you book your next newborn photographer. Thank you


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