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We had a perfect little get together with some likeminded women in business in our local area today!

Thanks to Loz from Loz Life - Healthy Habit Coaching with Loz Antonenko for sharing her story and giving us some really good pointers on achieving healthy habits for overall personal well-being.

I know of many Mumma’s around me who spend so much time and effort keeping their loved ones happy and healthy they fall into a routine of unhealthy habits, and forget to give themselves that much needed care and attention; and I’m guilty of doing this too! Whether you are a new Mum, or if you've done this 6 times over, look after yourself, so that you can be present when your children grow up.

Make use of people around you who are trained in what they do and LOVE what they do, instead of taking it all upon yourself!

Do what you love, and enjoy what you do! No point doing something that makes you unhappy! (That's why I photograph babies, it really does make me happy!)

Lastly, but probably the most important thing I learnt today; It’s okay to take some time out to just BREATHE! Focus on your breathing, focus on your wellbeing and feel the difference!


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